Geotourism and mining tourism are relatively new tourism forms with special interest in geo(morpho)logical and mining heritage. They significantly grew throughout the world in last years, closely connected to a raising awaneress of own environmental and cultural heritage may be of interest to travellers. Definitions and characterizations of this tourism form, its impacts, ideology and many other features however, still require broad discussion. Stakeholders in the sector of tourism, sustainability, education are invited to participate to the Geotour2016 conference, an opportunity for sharing best practices and for building new partnerships.


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  1. shomolu local govt. says:

    The shomolu local govt.lagos,nigeria.will like to send some delegates to the GEOTOUR 2016. International conference on Geotourism, Mining Tourism, Sustainable Development, and Enviromental Protection .We ‘ll like to know if you can send a letter of invitation for the delegates.
    Thank you

  2. Adel Nikjoo says:

    We want to send a full paper to you conference but unfortunately we missed the deadline. Does it possible to send paper yet. If yes, please inform me about the new deadline.
    Thank you

  3. fugo says:

    Yes, it is still possible,
    The deadline for the full paper submission is on the 15th of September.

  4. fugo says:

    First of all, you may register to the conference.
    Then, we will contact you!

  5. Alino Sumi says:

    Greetings! I am Alino Sumi from India. I am a PhD scholar and I am keen to attend this conference as a listener. Is the registration applicable for attendees as listener?

  6. fugo says:

    Dear Alino Sumi,
    yes, you can register to the conference as listener and after that, for other inquiries, you can contact us on geotour2016ed@gmail.com

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